Parker Country Market™

Call Us at (303)-841-3633 
 Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 10am to 6 pm-Sun. 11 to 5.

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Antiques you may remember from Route 6 or was it 66?

These items share a common theme in a way: antiques from the world of automobiles. Merchandise changes constantly, so do come in to check us out.

Back in the day, with no air conditioning, when you needed a refreshing beverage, you stopped at a gas station and bought a coca cola for a dime--and it might give you change. Today this would be a great conversation piece in your den.

Your automobile also needed a refreshing beverage. What better than some Sky Chief Supreme! "Self-serve". What's that?

And don't forget to ask the man to check the oil.

On the otherhand, all you needed here was some hay and oats--and a horse of course. This is one rare buggy! There's no question which is the front and which the back on this Studebaker.